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The Hollywood Way: Now Avalable on Kindle

No one can get to the top of their game by sitting at their desk waiting for their career to break. Frederick Levy refused to wait around and now, not yet thirty years old, he’s a successful VP at a major production company, a lecturer at UCLA, and has written three books. Here, in The Hollywood Way, he shows you how you can use the methods and madness of Hollywood to reach the top of your field. Levy’s wide-ranging and easy-to-implement tips are applicable to every career, from the mailroom to the boardroom. The only requirement is you must be looking to become first in the pack and move ahead of the curve. The Hollywood Way includes advice about managing your day-to-day duties more effectively, leaving you time to focus on the bigger picture and bigger ideas, and provides the ultimate look at “networking” and how to network quickly, seamlessly, and in a way that leaves people hoping you’ll call them. You’ll also find organizational ideas you’ll be able to use right away. Levy has culled tips and advice from a wide range of Hollywood power players, including Kevin Williamson, writer of Scream and creator Dawson’s Creek; Bruce Cohen, Oscar-winning producer of American Beauty; and Brian Singer, a feature film director. CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON: This is the book that helped me climb the ladder in Hollywood. While all the others scratch the surface about breaking in, this one takes it one step further to help you achieve success once you've broken in. The skills discussed in The Hollywood Way now seem obvious to me now, but it took a book like this to spell it out so I was aware of the mistakes I was making and what I needed to do to move ahead. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to succeed, whether they work in the movie business like me, or any other field. It's good, solid advice. ** This book is mainly about Tensil Town. Levy writes about being a production assistant or a producer. He mentions screenplay writing, but I realized getting your scipt read has a lot to do with being a producer. If you have access to a production company, you can get your script made. I liked this book mainly because I felt as if I was living the life style of a producer working in his or her own company. The information given within the book is common sense -- returne all phone calls, attend every hollywood party you can find, meet new people. What I learned, while reading this book, was how a producer reacts everyday to other members of Hollywood. I wanted to learn how to get my foot in the door, but I was told to read his last book: Hollywood 101. What you should do is read Hollywood 101 and then pick this book up. You'll get an idea of what it's like to get off your butt and do something in Tensil town. After I read this book, I looked through and purchased every book I could find about film making. ** If you would like to get your very own KINDLE edition of The Hollywood Way, for the VERY LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $5.99

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