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How Can Actors Help Their Managers do Their Job?

Frederick Levy, Management 101 I wish every client asked this question. Representing actors is a team effort, and actors who simply sit by the phone waiting for it to ring are not going to succeed. The most important thing an actor can do to help me is prepare for auditions. Nothing is more frustrating than when I hound casting for a time for my client, and then the client goes in and underwhelms them in the audition room. Whether you have a few days or less than 24 hours to prepare, utilize this time wisely. Cancel plans, call in sick to your job, and focus on doing amazing work in the audition room. Prepare as if you've already booked the job and you are showing up on set. But prepa

Actor Gets Jail Time for Stealing & Selling Breakdowns

Thought this article was interesting... PR Newswire LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Breakdown Services won their second case against Brian Burke for illegally selling its Breakdowns. Burke was ordered to spend 20 days in jail. Burke was also ordered to provide Breakdown Services with the names of all parties who illegally gave him access to the company's breakdowns. Breakdown Services receives scripts from casting directors, breaks the scripts down into the various roles, then releases the "breakdowns" to licensed talent agents so they may submit their clients to casting directors for these roles. In April of 2008 Breakdown Services filed their initial case against Burke for ille

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