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Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of murdered U.S. civil rights leader Malcolm X, was found dead in a gutter outside a nightclub in Mexico City last week. It was a tragic end to a tragic life for a doomed family. As a child, Shabazz was convicted of manslaughter for setting a fire that killed his grandmother. As this new crime is investigated, and more information is learned, I recall my last trip south of the border and the reasons I have not been back. One of the greatest parts about living in Southern California is its proximity to so many great locales. A day trip to the mountains of Big Bear or to the deserts of Palm Springs is a short car ride away. The first time I ever visited Los Angele

Huffington Post calls Geography Club

It's been 24 hours since Jason Collins came out in hisSports Illustrated cover story, and one of the most gratifying aspects to Collins' story in my mind is how quickly it is passing into the realm of the mundane. That is not to say it's not important or heartening (it's both). Rather, the quotidian nature of the story signifies that a sea change in social perceptions hasn't just happened--it happened a while ago. Now, a coming-out story that a decade ago might have provoked the same flurry as Magic Johnson's HIV announcement is met with a general attitude of: "about time." So what does this have to do with the Newport Beach Film Festival? Well, for every Sundance or Cannes Film Festival tha

Stoughton Native Produces Hollywood Film

STOUGHTON NATIVE PRODUCES HOLLYWOOD FILM: Frederick Levy, a Stoughton native and 1988 graduate of Stoughton High, now lives in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Management 101, where he guides the careers of actors, writers and directors, and also develops and produces feature films and television programs. He has written a number of books, including the best-sellers "Hollywood 101--The Film Industry: How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Connections" and "Short Films 101: How To Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking Career." He was the Associate Producer of "Frailty," starring Matthew McConaughey, and has worked on many other films, including "Reindeer Games" and "Mr. Wrong". Levy has

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