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Hollywood 101- Revisited

"Your ears must have been burning!" This is how the agent I phoned answered my call. It had been a year since we had last spoken so I wondered what she was referring to. Apparently she had attended a charity function for the Saban Community Clinic earlier in the week where Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, was being honored. Before he spoke, he was introduced by a video shot at the “secret Netflix content lab 5,000 ft. below its headquarters” that showed him reading my book, Hollywood 101, for advice on how to be successful in the entertainment industry. While made in jest (surely Sarandos at this point in his career doesn't need my advice for breaking into Hollywood), I was qu

Self Tapes

I remember when casting would be hesitant to even look at a self tape. However, since I represented young actors, many of whom did not live in LA full time, I would have my clients put themselves on tape so casting might consider them for a role. I'd let them know that if they liked what they saw, the client would be willing to come to LA for an in person callback. Something caught on and casting eventually warmed to the idea of self-tapes, especially for kids, and it soon started to become the norm. Too much so, in fact. Today many casting offices don't even do in-person sessions. Certainly not for pre-reads. But they will look at self-tapes. I find that at least half of the theatrical appo

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