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IMDB and Age Discrimination in the Entertainment Industry

There was an interesting article on The Wrap this morning discussing what the guilds are doing to prevent IMDB from listing birthdates on their website. Even though IMDB is not scientific, a lot of industry people rely on it as a source of information about people working in Hollywood. The biggest problem I see is for actors who play young, but in reality may be a bit older. I've actually had a casting director say to me that if an actor is listed as over 21 on IMDB, he would not bring that actor in to read for a role that is under 18. If an actor who is over 21 truly looks 16, why shouldn't he have the right to audition and possibly play that role? Let me know what you think about this in t

Forbes Magazine on Successful Teen Stars

The recipe for success is to do one thing really well, diversify and go viral. It's hard enough to land a line in a TV commercial, let alone snag a starring role in a feature film. Or bag a record contract. Or a chunky book advance. Or a big box store endorsement deal. But achieving all of the above, with some philanthropy on the side? Now that's serious entrepreneurship--and it's all in a day's work for a rarefied clique of teenage celebrity entrepreneurs who have star power to spare. These preternatural, barely post-pubescent brand-builders have dabbled in multiple entertainment genres, bagged endorsements, raised money for charity and even sold their personal stories and photos to the tab

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